We didn’t invent popups, but we bring you teaser popups.

Teaser popups are mini-size representations of the main popup campaigns. It absolutely does not bother users and opens the main popup campaign when clicked.

What is teaser on your campaign?

A teaser is a mini popup that shows up before or after the main popup. It increases the popup visibility up to 65% and works as a minimal version of your campaign.

How do teasers work?

The teaser popup works with 2 different targetings: "Before the main pop-up is opened " and "When the main popup is closed."

If you choose "Before the main pop-up is opened ", the teaser is shown according to your targeting options. If you choose When the main popup is closed, it is shown after the main popup. If the user does not click on the targeted button in the popup or closes the form without filling it, the teaser continues to appear.

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