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Adobe Commerce, formerly known as Magento, is a top e-commerce infrastructure provider.

You can display converting popups on your website to boost your Adobe Commerce store's sales.

Popupsmart makes it incredibly simple to construct an Adobe Commerce popup for your online store.

Thanks to Popupsmart, you can create eye-catching popups in just 5 minutes without any coding experience.

Now, are you ready?

Create Your First Popup

How to Create a Adobe Commerce Popup with Popupsmart?

Follow these steps and create popups for your Adobe Commerce website with Popupsmart:

1. If you’ve not, register for Popupsmart and log in to your account.

register popupsmart

2. To obtain your unique embed code, click the "Embed Code" button.

embed code

3. You’ll see the Popupsmart embed code in a modal. To the clipboard, copy your embed code.

copy new code

4. Go to your Adobe Commerce website’s admin dashboard and paste your embed code to your website’s code injection section.

Ensure that your code works well on all pages of your store.

5. Next, click the “Websites” area from your profile on your Popupsmart dashboard.

websites popupsmart

6. Click the “New website” button to add your Adobe Commerce website.

new website popupsmart

7. Type your website’s URL into the “Add a new website” box and press the “Save” button.

adding new ac site

8. Your Adobe Commerce website will look verified on the Websites page.

verified adobe commerce

9. Now, to create your conversion-ready popup, go to your dashboard and click the “New Campaign” button.

🔔 Important: If you see your website unverified, click the “Unverified” button, and from the opening modal, click “Verify website,” then return to your dashboard and click “Refresh.”

For further details about the verification of your website, see How to Verify Your Website.
new campaign

10. Create your popup campaign and make as many customizations as you want. Next, move on to the “Publish” section to make your popup campaign live.

publish adobe commerce

Then, your Adobe Commerce popup campaign is published.

Adobe Commerce Popup FAQ

Can I create an Adobe Commerce newsletter popup free with Popupsmart?

With Popupsmart, you can create an Adobe Commerce newsletter popup that can help you to grow your email list. By stating that you offer special discounts or valuable content in your newsletter, you can encourage people to subscribe to your newsletter quickly.

Can I create an Adobe Commerce promotion popup via Popupsmart?

Popup advertisements for your products are a great way to boost sales and revenue. By using Popupsmart, you can display your latest products with clear images and descriptions on your popups and promote your products effectively.

How to create Adobe Commerce exit intent popup using Popupsmart?

The advanced targeting solutions offered by Popupsmart include exit-intent technology. You can select the exit-intent targeting option in the target section of the popup editor.

Then, you can publish your Adobe Commerce popup after making the necessary adjustments and lower the cart abandonment rate of your online store.

Can I create a free Adobe Commerce popup With Popupsmart?

Yes, you can make a free Adobe Commerce popup with Popupsmart quickly. Once your website receives 5.000 page views, the free plan period expires. You can upgrade it by choosing a pricing option that suits your company’s needs and budget.

Do I need to install plugins to create an Adobe Commerce popup?

Not at all! You can use Popupsmart on your Adobe Commerce store by only pasting the one-line JavaScript code to your website’s code injection part. You don’t need to install plugins or extensions.

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